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What Does It Mean to Be a Conscious Parent and What is Conscious Parenting ?

Conscious Parenting means to be awake, truly awake, to everything we are experiencing in each and every moment.

The act of consciously cultivating caring and loving connections with ourselves, each other, our partners, children, friends, the earth and our communities means being present to each and every trigger, every positive or negative projection as an opportunity to go within.

To breathe and to listen.

To get quiet with oneself and ones internal and external realities- to look at each and every situation, person, place or thing that we experience as an opportunity to practice mindful presence, reflection and growth mindset.

What if we could take the blame, anger, negative projections and judgments off of ourselves and others...

What if we could radically shift the lens through which we look through and view the ways in which we parent and educate ourselves as well as our children.

What if every childhood experience includes emotional intelligence and empathy coaching, emotional repatterining and trauma release through the recognition and identification of emotional triggers within the body as indicators of unhealed emotions and feelings that need to be addressed, listened to, heard.

What if we could teach ourselves and our children how to listen to our bodies, how to breathe into feelings and release them. How to identify their limiting, fear-based stories and beliefs and to replace them with loving, positive and soul/self-affirming intentions, beliefs, ideas, and goals.

To become a Conscious Parent means that we begin to cultivate an awareness that our child is the trigger, not the cause of our upset and that our triggers are our bodies, heart, spirit and souls ways of communicating to us that there is something that is unhealed within us that needs to be addressed.

To be a Conscious Parent means that when our children "misbehave" or exhibit behavior that we judge as "non-desirable" or "bad," that they are really crying out for help, not intending to insult, hurt or defy us.

Are you willing to heal, shift and perhaps radically transform the ways in which you view yourself and your children?

Please say "YES!"...Your Future and Your Child's Future Depends on it...

Will you join me?

With All My Love and Support,



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