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Whole Self, Whole Child 
Family and Parent Coaching 

Individualized One-On-One Family and Parent Coaching Sessions

As we all know, there are unique, diverse and plentiful needs, wants, desires, personalities, hearts, and souls that make up each individual member of a family.


We are all part of the WHOLE and each member of the family unit has an important role to play in the dynamics, relationships, and daily interactions which occur between and amongst each family member on a daily basis.

"Whole Self, Whole Child" One-On-One Parent and Family Coaching Sessions provide each family member with the tools, skills and strategies they need to further develop and deepen meaningful, positive and loving relationships with themselves and each other...and YOU, their Parent!


And Whole Self, Whole Child provide Tips, Tools, Strategies, and Social-Emotional Coaching For Behaviors Such As:

~ Not Listening

~ Disrespectful Behaviors

~ Tantrums

~ Power Struggles

~ Sibling Rivaly

~ Bedtime Challenges

~ Technology Addiction

~ Divorce

~ Step-Parent Relationships

To find out if your family is a good fit for Whole Self, Whole Child Coaching,  Book Your FREE Consultation Session Today!

But What If Things Are Basically Fine At My House...
Will I Still Find Private Sessions Useful?


Yes! This is an opportunity to put guided effort and energy into your family life to fine-tune your approach and shift things to a new level.


You'll learn specific skills to strengthen all your family relationships, work through your own issues, and coach your child! By the end of the Private Sessions, you'll find that you have a lot less drama and a lot more love, peace and harmony in your home.


Whole Self, Whole Child
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