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Why Whole Self, Whole Child Private Parent-Family Coaching is Simply the BEST!

Dear Parents, No one said it would be one said it would be this hard...

Before our children are born, we have vivid fantasies and daydreams, wishes and hopes of what it will be like to have children- and to parent a child. We dream about what our relationships will be like, what they will be like. 

And then they are born.

And things are not exactly how we had imagined they would be.

There are amazing, heart-open, expansive, joyful and fun experiences.

There are moments that bring us to our knees in despair, frustration and anger and there are plenty of moments in between.

Whether you are a parent whom is at a loss as to how to handle and deal with your children's challenging behaviors, a new parent whom wants to make sure you "get it right," or a parent who wants to ensure that you are working on your improving and healing your own childhood wounds so you can become your "Whole, Healed Self," Whole Self, Whole Child has the perfect parenting solutions for you!

"Working with Faeth helped me transform from a reactive, angry, parent who yelled at my son to a parent who learned how to react less and love more. Her tools, tips and optimism are game changers for any and all parents who want to transform their parent-child relationship! I highly recommend her!"
~ B., Mom and Business Owner
"Working with Faeth has helped me re-think the ways I parent, communicate with my daughters and has transformed my family from the inside out! Faeth is so good at what she does and I highly recommend her for any and all of your parenting needs!" ~ Paras, Mom and Yoga Teacher 


Phone (US) : 1-828-242-1574

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