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Limited Time Offer:
Sign Up for Whole Self, Whole Child's Upcoming: Introduction to Non-Violent Communication Course before May 20, 2023 
and Receive 

Whole Self, Whole Child's New Ebook "How to go from a Family that Screams… to the Family of Your Dreams… A Parent’s Guide to Getting Your Children to Listen…The First Time You Ask Them!"

Whole Self, Whole Child's Faeth Meghan Ann Mulqueen, M.A. is going to be presenting

an In-Person, LIVE, Online Workshop,

during which she will share her

"A1 Special Sauce Formula for Peaceful Parents, Kind Kids,” Introduction to Non-Violent Communication Workshop, which will take place on 5/27 from 10-12pm CST. 


This Workshop which will literally transform your

relationship to yourself, your children

and their relationships as well!

In this Workshop as a Parent, Educator or Caregiver of Children, you will gain exclusive access to:


  • Faeth’s unique,  A1 Special Sauce Formula for creating SANE, Peaceful Parents, and Kind, Caring Kids 

  • Step by-step-scripts that will provide the language to use in various conflictual circumstances

  • Proven Ways to help reduce, and even eliminate conflict within your own and your children’s inter and intrapersonal relationships

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