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In this ONLINE Workshop, Whole Self, Whole Child's, Faeth Mulqueen, M.A., you will learn: 


- How to keep from losing your s***!!


on your kids…


on your spouse….


and most importantly, on yourself…


So that the fighting, yelling, blaming, shaming and power struggles can stop and you can become the parent you always hoped and knew you could be.


The A1 Special Sauce Formula for Sane, Peaceful Parents, and Kind, Caring Kids: A Human’s no-nonsense intorduction and guide on how to communicate to oneself and others in ways that are kind, loving and respectful.


The A1 Special Sauce Formula, when practiced regularly and consistently, will result in:


  • A drastic reduction in conflict, power struggles, tantrums and sibling rivalry, as well as the creation, deepening and strengthening of familial relationships that are built on connection, love and respect.


  • An improved ability to meet your own as well as your children’s needs in kind, loving and connected ways.


  • An increased ability to work work through and be present through hard situations and feelings.


  • An increased emotional, mental and spiritual ability to hold space for yourself and others to process through feelings and situations that arise as a result of being in relationship with others.



Non-Violent Communication Workshop, Video Version

  • Included in this Course is:

    • Admittance into our Exclusive, "Members Only" Private Whole Self, Whole Child Facebook Group
    • Lifetime Access to this Course
  • If you are not completely satisfied with our Sibling Rivalry Course after trying it for 7 days, you will get a 100% refund on your course questions asked!

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