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Meet Faeth Meghan Ann Mulqueen, M.A.

My Approach to Working with Parents,

Children and Their Families


My name is Faeth and I am a Parent-Family Coach and Social Emotional Learning Specialist who works online providing one-on-one individualized Private Coaching sessions for parents and their children Ages 2-12, through my Company, "Whole Self, Whole Child."


Furthermore, I am an early childhood specialist, elementary educator, have a Master's in Spiritual Psychology and have worked with children for over 30 years.


I specialize in the following Inter and Intrapersonal areas for both Children and Adults:


- Divorce

- Anger Management

- Tantrums and Power Struggles

- Defiance and Disrespect

- Technology Addiction

- Social Emotional Learning

- Simple Parenting Tools, Tips and Strategies that WORK

- Non-Violent Communication

- Bullying

- Negative Self-Image

- Relationship Challenges

- Emotional Regulation

What Does it Mean to Be a Conscious Parent

Faeth Ann Mulqueen, M.A. 

~ Founder of Whole Self, Whole Child

~ One-On-One Parent, Child and Family Coaching

~ Five With Faeth Blog and Vlogs

~ Early Childhood Educator Trainings and Courses

~ Social-Emotional/Child-Specialist

~Teacher of Nature Connection, Permaculture and Primitive Skills

~Yoga, Mindfulness and Meditation Teacher for Children

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