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Transformative Coaching for Parents, Kids and Entire Families!

~ Are your kids not listening?


~ Do your kids have temper tantrums?


~ Do your kids ignore you?


~ Are they disrespectful and defiant when you ask them to do something?

~ Do you find yourself yelling, threatening, bribing and punishing your children on a daily basis?

- Are your children being bullied, experiencing depression, anxiety, rage, irrational fears or extreme negative self-talk or low self-esteem?

Welcome to Whole Self, Whole Child Parent-Family-Kid Coaching. My name is Faeth and I will be your Social-Emotional Expert, Guide and Coach as I support you and your children in working through and resolving your unique Parent-Family- Kid challenges! 

Whole Self, Whole Child Specializes in the following​  areas for both Children and Adults:


- Divorce

- Anger Management

- Tantrums and Power Struggles

- Defiance and Disrespect

- Technology Addiction

- Social Emotional Learning

- Simple Parenting Tools, Tips and Strategies that WORK

- Non-Violent Communication

- Bullying

- Negative Self-Image

- Relationship Challenges

- Emotional Regulation

Guaranteed Benefits of Working with Faeth and Whole Self, Whole Child Parent-Family-Kid Private Coaching Sessions, Courses, Ebooks, Audiobooks, etc. 

"You need to heal the rifts so the relationships can shift!"~ Faeth 
"You can’t be a great parent until you heal the thing inside of you that needs to be healed - that is conscious parenting."
~ Oprah 


1. Reduced Conflict and Less Power Struggles- More peaceful, loving and harmonious relationships with children, your home will be more peaceful. The conversations with your children will become more fluid and less argumentative. Your home environment will be more peaceful and less stressful.

2. ​More time and energy because less screaming, fighting and power struggles…Sometimes as a parent, you don’t realize how much time and energy you are spending saying the same thing over again, or how much of your energy gets zapped and drained as a result of the numerous behavioral challenges and relational upset you are experiencing on a daily basis. You will find that spending a bit more time implementing the tools and strategies I am about to share with you will save you an incredible amount of time and energy on the back end because you will experience less power struggles, defiance, resistance and behavioral challenges.


3. More connected, caring and loving relationships-When you are connecting with your children on a deeper level, using the tools I am about to share with you, you will find that your children listen more often, will be more cooperative and act more lovingly to you.  When you care about what they care about and you will find that your children want to spend more time with you, and that a lot of their misbehavior stems from the fact that they are seeking connection, attention, safety, positive reinforcement, and validation that they are important to you, they are loved no matter what and that what matters to them matters to you.​​

One-On-One Private, Individualized Child, Parent, Educator, 

Caregiver and Family Coaching


Whole Self, Whole Child Ebooks Parenting, Educator and Caregiver


Courses and MORE!

KIDS Courses, Ebooks, Audiobooks, Videos, Meditations and More that help Children Calm, Care, and Connect with Themselves and Others!

“Faeth is an amazing teacher & coach! Working with her has simply up leveled my child’s heart & personality! The tools she has shared are simple to incorporate in everyday’s life with kids! Thank you Faeth for your support & knowledge! My kid is empowered!

Faeth has an incredible ability to meet children where they are at, to guide and support them and their parents on all levels. She is an excellent educator and social-emotional specialist of young children. I highly recommend her for any and all child-parent needs!"

- Erin Loundsbury, Parent and Boss Mom

Your light, your joy, your Presence, and your gifts are such a blessing to the world, to our children and to us! Thank you for being such a radiant force of love and inspiration for Gabriella and I. You have given our family so much love and magic!"

- Jenny Emblom, Parent and Spiritual Life Coach


Meet Faeth Ann Mulqueen, M.A.

Child,  Parent, and Early Childhood Educator Coach,  & Social-Emotional Specialist

Faeth is an expert in all things CHILDREN! Faeth has worked with children in a variety of capacities and roles over the past 30 years, including as a Director, Founder and Master Lead Teacher of her own Nature-Based School. 

Faeth has a BA in Environmental Policy, a Master’s in Spiritual Psychology, is a California Master Credentialed Teacher, as well as a Certified Yoga for Kids Teacher and Permaculturist. 


Faeth's approach and experience in working with children and their families includes but is not limited to:

~ Taught Preschool utilizing the Reggio Emilia-Inspired Approach to Education

~ Certified Permaculturist

~ Yoga, Meditation, Mindfulness Teacher for Children

~ Primitive Skills and Nature Connection Instructor

~ Social-Emotional, Parent-Family- Kid Coach

~ Parent-Toddler Classes Teacher


Through her over 30 her years of working with and teaching children,  Faeth has gained the necessary,  valuable and SIMPLE  skills, tools, strategies and wisdom that often leads to the creation of lasting, LOVING, Positive, and Harmonious relationships amongst children and those with whom they have the most important relationships in their lives- their siblings, parents, grandparents, teachers, and caregivers. 



The Journey Towards HealingYour Whole Self, and Thus Your Whole Child, Begins WithYou.

Begin Your Journey Today.

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